Sorta Serious Stuff


OK, so the other pages are all about being light hearted and hopefully a bit of a giggle. But like most people I’m not in a funny kind of mood 100% of the time. Sometimes things piss me off, other times things frustrate me and sometimes things just leave me wondering how the human race survived evolution.

So for those times when I feel the need to release the pressure valve, I’ll come to this page and vent and rant and maybe even have the occasional bright suggestion on how to save the world. If you’re reading anything posted on here, keep in mind that it’s just my opinion, and there’s no reason to get upset if you disagree. As they say, opinions are like bums, everybody has one, and in my opinion it is those differences of opinion which make life interesting. Unfortunately in this day and age a lot of people seem to think that their opinion is the only valid one and therefore all others must be destroyed. So if that is you, then kindly fornicate to another location.

If you feel like partaking in a robust discussion on anything I say here, then feel free to leave a comment – but only if it’s done with respect to other people and their opinions. Any disrespect and you too can fornicate to another location.

So keep coming back to visit to see what’s being put out there from this page.

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