Parental Ponderings

Are you a single parent?A dual parent? A new parent wondering “what kind of new hell is this”? Fear not, for you are not alone. In this blog I will be making weekly posts with different stories taken from the last twenty years of my half-arsed parenting so that you, as a full-arsed parent/s, can feel better about yourselves by comparison.

Soon we shall depart for our torrid and mystical journey through the hazy and distant past which has been my experience of raising three young’ns, kids, mud magnets, tax deductions or whatever else you’d like to call them, but first some disclaimers.

All events contained herein and forthwith are based on real events. Real events which I may have embellished, stretched the truth of and gilded the occasional lilly. This means that as horrific as some of these events may sound, there is no need to get the Department of Child Services involved – what they don’t know can’t hurt me and I’d like it to stay that way. The events may be real, but the names have been changed to protect those still undergoing psychological treatment.

Dey’s All Growed Up Now

Is there an advantage to your Tax Deductions reaching adulthood? It seems to last an eternity while you’re going through ...
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The Art of Embarrassing Your Kids

Let’s face it boys and girls, the whole parent/child positive outcome ratio is horribly skewed in favour of the young’s ...
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Fear and Terror on the Roads

It’s been a while since I’ve risked the wrath of the parenting authorities so, as it appears their investigations have ...
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Schooooool’s Out For Summer! Schoooooool’s Out For Ever!

Yes my Compadres, that which I have longed for these many, many years has finally arrived. From that day seventeen ...
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Learnin’ Them Kids Some Numbers and Words

Welll it’s been a while since I’ve risked the ire of the Department of Child Safety, and as I’ve never ...
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Dr Bogan Please Report To Emergency.

One of the most important duties that can befall the parent is that of provider of medical services. My role ...
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Kids Bounce. Don’t they??

Now we get to the guts of what this parenting page is all about; how a VB swilling, rollie smoking, ute ...
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And so the journey begins

It was a good life way back in the early 90's. Mates, beers, utes and Acca Dacca belting out of ...
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