About Me

Out for a drive
Out for a drive


My name is Warwick, but everyone calls me Paddy so you might as well too.

I’ve been a single father for over fifteen years and have been one of the lucky few dads who has had their kids living with them the whole time. No every second weekend for me. With a son and two daughters, I reckon I’ve faced just about every horror a parent can face and have still come out smiling on the other end with happy, healthy well rounded kids.

So by sharing my story, in my own bat-shit crazy way, I can at least give those of you still negotiating the hazardous journey of raising your own sawn-off savages a bit of a laugh and provide hope that it will end soon and that even the most trying of times can have a funny side.

As well as being a dad I’ve also spent time as a soldier, mechanic, audio engineer, security guard, a public servant and a car wash manager. Yup, I’ve been around a bit and picked up a fair bit of useless information and some interesting stories along the way.

A quick note – I am Australian and have a nasty habit of regularly slipping into the traditional Australian vernacular. In order to help you poor Non-Aussies, I will try to remember to provide a glossary along the way which hopefully will smooth out the bumps in your understanding.

So, buckle up and join me on the bumpy, yet scenic, ride of my experience as a Bogan single dad and just an average bloke.

Bogan = an uncouth or unsophisticated person (see I told ya I’d educate ya).